Securing the best possible care in the later years of life is of critical importance both to the one who needs care, and for their family.

Entering a residential aged care facility can often be the best solution for all concerned, but it can also be an emotional and uncertain time with many important decisions needing to be made.  Do well sell the house or keep it?  Should we pay the Deposit if full or in part?  Will we get our money back?  What will the daily fees be?

Being well informed about the pitfalls and issues that need to be faced is vital to achieving the best possible care.  Ensuring financial seurity and efficiency are also essential.  The priority should always be to give peace of mind to all parties concerned.

If you’re looking into your own aged care or you’re a relative or a carer of someone considering a move to aged care, a professional adviser, accredited in aged care can offer skilled and objective guidance to work through what needs to be done, sort out financials and find a solution for your future.

Good advice will allow you to focus on what’s important.  Professional advisers who understand the complex aged care system are well positioned to take the worry and stress out of arrange your aged care outcome.

The goal of the advisers at Trusted Aged Care Solutions is to assist you through what can be a time of great upheaval.  We alleviate confusion and take time to understand your personal circumstances so that decisions can be made with confidence and clarity.

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