Moving into residential aged care can be an emotionally charged time and there are many challenges in arranging and negotiating entry to an aged care facility.  We’re here to help you navigate the change.  Some of the questions we have the answers to are:

  • What will it cost to enter an aged care facility?
  • How will I finance the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD)?
  • Should I sell the family home or are there good reasons to keep it?
  • Is borrowing against the value of the home or renting the home a potential way of funding care?
  • Can family members contribute toward the RAD?
  • What ongoing fees are payable once in the facility?
  • Are there additional fees for extra services and how do I pay for these?
  • How can age pension or Centrelink entitlements be obtained or retained?
  • What about cashflow and personal expenses – how much will I need and how will it be funded?
  • How can I preserve estate assets and ensure a smooth transfer for my family?

Contact the qualified and accredited Aged Care professionals at Trusted Aged Care Services if you’d like to find out more.  Call 07 5593 0855.

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