If you feel a bit overwhelmed by the complexities of aged care, you’re not alone.

Our role is to take away the pain and develop a personalised strategy which includes:

  1. A professional assessment of your personal financial situation, so that informed decisions can be made
  2. Expert advice on structuring investments for Centrelink and tax efficiency
  3. a balanced assessment on how to deal with assets such as the family home
  4. Coordination of additional specialise advice that may be required from legal or taxation professionals.



Giving the best possible advice starts with taking time and care to understand all aspects of your situation.  These include:

  • Your current accommodation and home ownership situation
  • The situation of the spouse of the personal moving into aged care
  • Your current Centrelink entitlements and income
  • Your non-home investment assets
  • Your currentincome, expenses and any debt situation
  • Future lifestyle needs once you moved to aged care
  • Your attitude towards investment volatility
  • Your wishes for what happens to your estate when it comes time to pass on assets
  • arramgements you want to make regarding power of attorney, guardianshipt or health directives.

As you can see, there’s a lot to cover and finding someone who knows all the bases to cover is vital to ensuring your receive clarity for your situation.

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