Unsure of where to go or where to turn?  Confused by all the jargon and complexities of aged care?  Wondering who can help?

By combining our understanding of your personal situation with our expert knowledge of the aged care system, the advisers at Trusted Aged Care Services are ideally placed to assist you.

We can develope a plan designed to:

  • Equip you to negotiate effectively with the aged care facilities
  • Determine a course of action regarding the family home, sale, rental or retention
  • Work out how you’ll fund the accommodation deposit
  • Find options on how to manage ongoing accommodation fees, extra fees and pension entitlements
  • Consider cash flow requirements to meet ongoing care and lifestyle costs, so that this is reflected in your plan
  • Recommend any areas that need specific advice from a tax professional
  • Explore potential access to benefits such as the Seniors health card
  • Determine efficient estate transfer to beneficiaries in line with your wishes and recommend any areas that need specific advice from a legal professional, including Wills and Powers of Attorney


“Engaging a financial adviser can help cut through the complexity to enable you to achieve care with the greatest possible financial efficiency.”

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