Seniors are sadly, prime targets for Elder Abuse.

They hold the largest share of wealth and often require assistance dealing with their financial affairs.

Elder abuse is mistreatment of an older person that is committed by someone with whom the older person has a relationship of trust such as a partner, family member, fired or carer. The abuse can be physical, social, financial, psychological or sexual,

The finding of the Australian Law Commission Inquiry into Elder Abuse that Elder Abuse has profound implications for the Elderly. Family, carers and Enduring Power of attorney take money that is meant to be used for lifestyle and Aged Care. They also take the Aged persons dignity and the inheritance they wanted to leave their loved ones. We have seen cases where inheritances have been stolen. Leaving families devastated.

Elder abuse violates an older person’s basic right to feel safe. It is controlling behaviour or action which frightens or intimidates and is illegal. Victims are most likely to be female and the abuse is perpetrated by persons relating to older person. Incredibly, and sadly, 66% of abuse is perpetuated by a child of the older person.

If you feel you know someone who is being taken advantage of, please don’t hesitate to speak out!

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