Interest rates have been falling a lot faster and a lot longer than deeming rates for Centrelink and Veterans’ Affairs recipients, making it practically to even earn the current deeming rates from bank accounts.

Higher-risk investments (in better markets) may potentially produce higher returns, but these are often not appropriate for people in aged care and can cause undue anxiety in times of large volatility.

Calls for some time to cut the deeming rates have been answered as part of the stimulus measures and the rates will be cut by 0.75% from May 1,2020.

The benefit for some will mean higher pension entitlements and lower aged care means-tested fees. Do note tho, that pensions will not change if the maximum pension is already received or entitlements are calculated under the assets test.


EXAMPLE: When Edna moved into residential care, she chose to sell her home to pay her $400,000 accommodation cost, leaving her with $350,000 in the bank. She receives an age pension of $849.31 a fortnight and pays $1,133.96 a fortnight in residential care fees.

When deeming rates change on May 1, her pension will increase to $899.77 a fortnight and fees will decrease to $1108.65 a fortnight. This improves her income by $75.77 a fortnight, which helps with extra income to meet her expenses.

Cash bonuses!

Aged Care residents who receive a means-tested pension (Centrelink/Veterans’ Affairs) or hold either a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or Veterans Gold Card will receive two $750 cash payments as a boost to income.  Awesome!

As a bonus, this money is tax-free and not assessable. The first payment will be paid into bank accounts over the next two weeks. The second payment will be paid in late July so keep your eyes peeled for these.

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