Financial concerns are not the only fallout from the Corona Virus lock down period for aged care residents.

We’re constantly told, that our best defense against the spread of the virus is “social distancing,” a term we were unfamiliar with just a few short weeks ago.  But this will naturally hit aged care residents the hardest as visits from family members will be restricted in an effort to keep our vulnerable older loved ones safe.  Children under 16 are no longer allowed to visit at all, and restrictions on other visitors are in place to keep residents and care staff safe.  And the rules seem to be changing almost daily – it’s hard to keep up!

And now is always a good time to learn new tricks. While grandchildren and other family members may not be able to visit (especially if they need to travel to visit), technology and video conferencing can help families to stay in contact.  Is it time to set gran or pa up with a phone or tablet where you can check in daily with facebook messenger, sending loom videos or SKYPE or Zoom chat with each other?  Maybe you too can bring your tech skills a little more up to date!

Where your loved ones still have their faculties, it may be a good time to sit and draw them out, ask for naughty stories from their youth, favorite memories, their first kiss, how they fell in love, where they’ve traveled to and so much more.  Record the sessions for posterity, jot down memoirs, or even get a good start on the family tree with the help of Ancestry or My Heritage.  Would they be prepared to write or dictate messages for future big events – like your daughter’s engagement, son’s wedding, milestone birthdays etc?

For those with dementia, even staying in touch via tech can pose insurmountable problems.  Perhaps regular handwritten notes can let them know that you’re still thinking of them.

If financial advice is needed, most financial planners are able to run meetings via video conferencing too.  If you’ve got questions that you’d like answered sooner rather than later, chances are your adviser is still on duty.

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