Medical teams from the national trauma centre have been deployed to Victoria to deal with the Melbourne’s worsening aged care crisis.

The medical teams which are usually reserved for the worst humanitarian disasters will be joined by nurses from across Australia to provide the much needed relief to the health sector.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has cancelled all but the most urgent elective surgeries as private hospitals have had to repurpose their entire wards to cope with the increasing demand for resources.

So far there are 769 confirmed cases across 80 Victorian aged care facilities, including St Basil’s home in Fawkner, which has more than 80 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus alone.

As the system struggles to deal with the worsening situation, family members of residents’ have described this pandemic crisis as “a nightmare”.

“The support we’ve had, well I guess it’s been sporadic. It could have been a lot more streamlined that’s for sure,” one family member said.

The Australian Medical Association is calling for an urgent risk assessment of all aged care homes within the state of Melbourne.

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