Queensland has recorded one new case of COVID overnight. This is said to be a person who travelled from overseas and is in currently in hotel quarantine.

  • In the last 24 hours there were 8,549 COVID-19 tests in Qld
  • The overseas traveller is in hotel quarantine
  • South East Queensland’s aged care restrictions will lift at midday, with the exception of one facility

Tough restrictions at aged care facilities introduced across South East Queensland in response to the outbreak in Logan is said to will now be lifted – if the facilities are ready to do so.

The Qld Chief Health Officer, Jeannette Young said the new case was acquired overseas.

“So that is really good news,” she said.

“No community transmission in Queensland, so that means that we can safely reopen our aged care facilities to visitors again.

“We still need to be very cautious, very careful at all times, because our aged care facilities have the most vulnerable people in our society living in them.

“The one aged care facility that we can’t open yet is that one in north Brisbane — at Pinjarra Hills.

“It needs to stay closed for another 1.5 days until we have confirmation that that potential outbreak is over”.

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