The Centsabiliy Podcast, delves into topics surrounding money, lifestyle, and wellness.  It focuses on an often overlooked but incredibly crucial aspect of financial planning—aged care. This episode features Accredited Aged Care professional Amanda Cassar and host Amie Baker, who discuss the importance of aged care financial advice. They provide invaluable insights that are essential for anyone facing the complexities of aged care planning.

Aged care decisions are some of the most critical choices families make, involving significant emotional and financial implications. Understanding the intricacies of aged care costs and the processes involved is vital. Amanda Cassar, a noted authority in financial planning for aged care, alongside Amie Baker, discuss practical steps and considerations.  These are tools that can help alleviate the stress and confusion often associated with these decisions.

During this enlightening conversation, Amanda and Amie answer the most frequently asked questions about aged care. They cover a range of topics including how to prepare financially for aged care, what to expect in terms of expenses, and how to navigate the governmental policies affecting aged care services. Their discussion is designed to equip listeners with the knowledge to make informed, confident decisions about aged care.

Whether you are planning for yourself or assisting a loved one, the insights offered in this podcast are indispensable. From breaking down the financial barriers to understanding the emotional toll, Amanda and Amy guide listeners through the essential components of aged care planning.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert advice from leading specialists in the field. Listen to the podcast now and start your journey towards mastering the complexities of aged care with confidence and clarity.

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