Dorothy is 84 years of age.

She has an ACAT. Dorothy would like to move into an Age Care Facility near her daughter.

The RAD is $400,000.

Dorothy has a unit work $450,000.

Dorothy is on the Age Pension .  She has $60,000 in Term Deposits and $10,000 in her working account.

In Dorothy situation Dorothy has some choices to make. She can sell or rent her home.

Dorothy decides she wants to sell her home to pay the DAP.

Dorothy Age Care Fees would be the following:-

RAD $400,000

Basic Daily Care Fee $17,611.25 pa or $48.25 per day.

Means Tested Fee $5,006.79pa or $13.72 per day.

Dorothy is able to service her Age Care Fees from her Age Pension and other investments.

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