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It is personality and knowledge.  It was very helpful to involve a third party who could put some structure to it was important otherwise we would have stumbled through it ourselves. Therese came across at the start a nice personality.  With her experience in the area, everything fell into place… and the follow up where she runs her eye over everything to make sure we are tracking ok is really good. Therese has a good personality, easy to talk to, she worked her way through everything, we were able to work easily with her. it took a load off our shoulders.  An extra person to talk to with the knowledge in aged care and the ease of working with her. Especially as we were busy dealing with two parents in hospital. We were running at full pace.

Getting Mum into quality care was an imperative.  We looked at consultancies and aged care specialists and we engaged Therese to assist with the income and assessment criticial through CentreLink and follow through and assist with the various applications required to get someone into aged care. I researched the process myself and I was aware of the steps that were required but at the same time I had was managing Mum’s health needs and rehabilitation so I was fairly busy so I needed some assistance to manage the process and Therese fitted into my requirements.


I needed to get an urgent income and assessment application through to Canberra.  Therese stepped in there and assisted with the completion of that documentation, also as the nominated liaison officer.  We also looked at a number of care facilities around our area but I was looking for a particular fit for my mother’s personality type and lifestyle needs and wants.  We had that conversation with Therese and she assisted with the completion of applications but she also followed up with applications on a regular basis to see if there were vacancies. In the end we got Mum into care very close by.


Therese if a very good communication and a listener as well. She has good technical knowledge of the aged care legislation and requirements as well as an empathetic style to her. She really fitted into the niche we were looking for.


I feel sorry for the people who have to transition through the process without any assistance. Therese provided me with a lot of relief because for a reasonable sum she took a great deal of load off my shoulders at a very difficult time and allowed me to get on with the care of my mother that I urgently needed to do. She filled in a gap that I would have otherwise had to have undertaken.


Therese was a very good sounding board and she gave me confidence in the decisions I was making during the process.


Therese demonstrated a range of different skill sets that were very relevant to the aged care industry and Centrelink Aged Care Services that currently exist and she provided a high level of support in the execution of those particular requirements for people who urgently need to go into aged care or find themselves not able to manage their own affairs.


She came in at the right time and provided the right levels of service that met our requirements that met our requirements and enabled us to achieve successful outcomes for our Mum.


Mum was quite settled when she met Therese and was quite happy with her dealing with her affairs.


She delivered well above my expectations.


She was the first to answer from the 3 we called.


Getting Mum into care was one thing but it is ongoing. I am still dealing with the ongoing with pensions and payments to nursing homes etc. so the support is ongoing. Without help it is chaotic.  Without help you can really have many sleepless nights.


She is highly informed and was very confident of her information and she had currency in the industry.  She came recommend by people within the industry.


I found very quickly I could ask questions for example What sort of bond should I pay for this?  What is the difference between one place charging $390,000 and another place charging $690,000? What is the difference?  She could answer those sorts of questions.


We took a value for money approach to the whole situation.  She had a house that had to be sold.  I did not want her to loose her pension in the transition. If the proceeds of selling the house had gone into savings then she may well have lost her whole pension. I had the urgency to get her into care to deal with those financial issues.


She did a cash flow model for Mum.  That gave me a lot of confidence and when I told the family that Mum is not going to cost us any money for her life. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that our Mum was not going to be a burden on any family members and their families.  These were the things I got from Therese.  She was to her word, she worked to a timeline and I was happy with her deliverables. She gave very good information.


Therese cares about her clients.

We were entering into a foreign field that was full of acronyms and we thought was more about taking your money and not about adding any value. This was my feeling about the process.  Now I am extremely happy with her service, with her guidance, her advice and her direction in every capacity.  She was fantastic. ”


Therese conveys a very good counternance because you are in a situation where a loved one is facing a difficult situation and a time of transition and change, which for many elderly people is challenging to say the least. Therese is sympathetic and conveys a genuine sensitivity towards the situation and I think that she conveys a confidence, direction and guidance that allows you to put your trust in her. Therese made herself available so that if we called she responded very quickly. This is a big deal when dealing in anyone in any organisation.


She gave clear direction with what she was doing and the process that it would take. And she was spot on in every part of it.  That gave us great confidence.  There are a lot of factors involved.  Apart from sailing through the issues with Centrelink and Veterans Affairs and dealing with the hospital trying to find the right fit of aged care to suit your aged Mother is a difficult course to navigate.  And Therese was fantastic on every level we were able to deliver, and I am saying this as a son who has other siblings to keep informed.


The process is extremely stressful.  We were getting a lot of pressure from the hospital and most of all we needed the right fit. I exhausted 35 to 40 aged care facilities.  This was not an easy choice.  This was the last place my Mum was going to be in. So I did not want her to spend time in a place that was not suitable.  There are whole lot of things to consider, natural light, the level of care, friend staff, the activities or the balance of staff to residence was right. There are many things to tick off that you want to feel you have made the right choice.  I was not only responsible to my mother but also accountable to the rest of the family in keeping them informed and making the right decisions.  We got a lot of help from Therese.  She was on a panel at the place where we went and they had confidence in her that she knew the system and the paperwork, the mountain of correspondence and red tape that you go through.  That was enormous help to us.


I am not overdramatic when I say I did not think my mother would see out Christmas with the way things were three months ago.  Now that she is in a really good facility, she has adjusted and made that transition really well she could easily live another four or five years.   That is the difference that Therese has made.


It is a highly specialised field that requires a high level of professionalism and knowledge. Therese has that service covered comprehensively and delivers each step of the way.

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