What We Do

We assist you in remaining independent, safe and cared for at home as long as possible.


Accredited Aged Care Professionals assisting families to navigate the maze of Aged Care with compassion.

We help remove the tension involved in making informed decisions about your aged care choices.  Accessing care for older Australians can be tricky with baffling jargon and a lot of paperwork.  We make it easy for you to understand your options; whether that’s staying at home longer with assistance or transitioning into to a residential aged care facility.  Our aim is to ‘hold your hand’ through this journey and take the stress of your shoulders.

We want to ensure that elderly Australians are taken care of in a dignified manner and that their families are comfortable with the choices made.

  • Remain at home longer – We assist you in remaining independent, safe and cared for at home as long as possible
  • Find the right accommodation option for you – If you need to sell your home, downsize or move into an assisted living facility or retirement village, we help with the process from start to finish
  • Help when you need it – sometimes a crisis occurs, you’ve had a fall, have been in hospital or are unable to return home, our team can help you work out the best course of action
  • Make Aged Care understandable – the jargon involved in sorting through the aged care maze can be hard to get through, turn to TACS to help with breaking it all down
Referral / Additional Services
Legal Services:

Wills, Powers of Attorney (Financial, Enduring and Guardianship) are available .

Family Pets:

Rehousing of family pets unable to be taken to the facility will be cared for by the AWL Golden Hearts program.

Home Care

We are able to organise and co-ordinate the Aged Care Assessment Test and liaise with providers

Packing and Removal services

Funeral Services

Aged Care

What you need to know…

Whether considering options for yourself or deciding how best to help someone close to you, aged care is a complex area requiring careful thought. The uncertainty surrounding where to move, how much it will cost and where the money will come from can be overwhelming and stressful.

Paying for Accommodation in an Aged Care Home

Caring for your Elderly Parents

Schedule of Fees and Services

Includes up to 30 minutes of discussion and a review of current situation (no advice given)



We can provide information sessions 1-2 hours


Cost: $495 per hour

Provides information on aged care fees and charges, in-home care options, residential accommodation deposits (bonds,) consideration of legal documents, lifestyle options, advice on entry into an aged care facility.  Assistance with Assets & Income forms from (Centrelink) Dept of Human Services and the Aged Care Facility.  Assistance with entry to a Residential Aged Care Facility, ongoing availability for up to three months from entry.


Starting From: $4,400.00 including GST

A Statement of Advice will be provided outlining recommendations for funds to be invested.  Covers Superannuation and own funds strategies and recommendations.


Starting From: $2,200.00 including GST

ACAT Assessment, Arrange removalists, storage etc, rehousing of pets via AWL, nursing assistance with move, find a residential aged care facility, negotiate DAP, strategy paper, assistance with Centrelink forms, three month follow up (full service)


Cost: $5,500.00 including GST

Aged Card Jargon Buster

There’s lots of tricky acronyms in the Aged Care Space.  Here we try and clear up a few of the most often used ones for you and what the actually mean:

Download PDF

Aged Care Assessment Service (only Victoria uses the term ACAS)  See ACAT
Aged Care Assessment Test – this test is performed by a medical professional who could include social works, nurses, doctors, physios and occupational therapists to assess your readiness for aged care or home care services
Accommodation Payment
The entry amount payable to enter an aged care home.  These can vary from place to place and depend on the features of the facility
Residential Aged Care service facilities must be accredited by the independent Australian Aged Care Quality Agency to receive Government funding.  They also need to comply with legislated Accreditation Standards.
Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI)
Is used to measure the level of care each resident needs, based on their activities of daily living, behaviour and complex health care.  This in turn helps allocate the Australian Government subsidy to providers to care for residents.
Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
CHSP is active is all states except WA which uses HACC funded services.  CHSP is a Government initiative subsidising in home or centre based care services needing low level assistance to stay living in their own home independently.
DAP – Daily Accommodation Payment
This is the regular rental payment you can choose to pay, interest only at the government interest rate.
Daily Fee
A daily charge in additional to the accommodation payment, payable by all residents.  It contributes toward daily living expenses.
ESF – Extra Services Facility
Some facilities provide ‘extra services.’  This means that the facility offers a higher standard of accommodation, food or services such as wine with dinner, choice of meals, a superior room and décor.  It does not mean a higher offered standard of care
HCP – Home Care Packages
There are four levels of packages funded by the Australian Government.  Level 1 supports those with basic care needs and Level 2, those with low care needs, Level 3 is for those with Intermediate Needs and Level 4, High Care needs.
In-home Care Services
Supportive care provided by the patient’s healthcare providers in their own home.
ILU’s – Independent living Units
These villas offer one to three bedroom accommodation units in a village environment to live independently and continue to care for yourself.
Some aged care facilities increasingly cater for the ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex’ persons within their communities.
MTF – Means Tested Fee
The Australian Government pays a large proportion of age care fees, but not all.  You may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care if you have the means to do so.  If you are on the full Age Pension you usually do not have to pay any MTT.
Palliative Care
Providing care to patients with a life limiting illness by supporting and improving quality of life with pain management and medication.
RAD – Refudable Accommodation Deposit
This is the new name for what you previously knew as a Bond.
This is a short term service offered by some facilities to allow carers a break.  It also can be used if the carer becomes ill and may need to be admitted to hospital.  Unofficially, some use this as an option to ‘try before you buy.
SRF – Supported Residential Facility
A supported residential facility offers similar services to Government funded facilities but without the funding support.  An ACAT/ACAS Assessment is not required.
Veteran’s Supplement
Home care package supplements for eligible veterans, war widows or widowers through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
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